NGD 2020 S2 Custom 22


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Dec 13, 2023
The Dena Md.
I think I made enough posts to be able to do a link now.

A got this a week ago today. It was a totally unexpected purchase. My wife and I stopped into a little music store in Centerville Md and it was almost closing time. Long story short I saw this pretty blue used PRS and liked the price. I plugged it in and played it and it felt and sounded great. My wife likes the bird inlays and said I should get it. A nice Gator case was included. So I went ahead and got it just as store was closing.

I already have a PRS SE Santana that was given to me, but I really don't know a lot about PRS. You would think I'd know more and own a few PRS since I live about 30 minutes from the factory in Stevensville Md. I didn't even know until I got home and started actually researching it that I had what is called an S2, not a Core. Oh well. It's still a great guitar and price was good, just not the amazing deal I thought I had. :cool:

I played it for the first time at a gig last night. Plugged straight into PA through a Morley Multi FX. It performed great Can't wait to play with full band through my Sonzera 50 amp.

Here she is. I'm not much of a photographer, especial on a phone.

OK. I guess pic post different here than on Gibson Forums. I'll have to figure out how to embed a photo here and try again
Edit: OK it did embed but it's big as hell. Mabey I'll try to resize.
OP I have 3 of the S2 standard 22s...same neck and carve and guts just all hog and a of the best guitars I've owned...having 3 I have different pups in each...thats an American made guitar you have there with overseas pups and bridge etc...theyre fantastic and play fantastic...enjoy it!
Not that it matters, but in my OP I said I bought my guitar at a shop in Centerville, but it was Chestertown Md. Not sure how I mixed that up.