New Santana SE


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Jul 29, 2015
I saw a link for a used 2013 Santana SE on Dave's guitar site and sent the link to my wife as a hint for christmas. Apparently she took the bait and it is sitting in my living room as I type. Having never bought guitars over the internet, the experience with Dave's guitar shop was 10 for 10. My wife called on the guitar I wanted but it was sold and they called back a few days later with a replacement they sourced. What showed up at the door was a brand new Santana guitar! Flawless condition with the protective plastic still on the control covers. Guitar was detuned for shipping with a big sticker on it saying let the guitar return to room temperature before opening. A few twists of the tuners and the setup was flawless. Even the notation was perfect. Also nice note from dave thanking us for our purchase. Awesome, awesome customer experience.

As far as the guitar goes, this is my first SE and I was super impressed by the build quality. Beautiful green flame top veneer, flawless finish, the neck preparation was amazing with nice fret and fretboard rollover. No fill on the neck birds which are plastic but very nice in finish. The neck shape is wide and fat which seems super wide at the neck joint. Very comfortable and great for huge bends - string tension is very loose and comfortable to play. The body is very comfortable and well balanced. Plugged in the pickups are very nice with a very balanced tone and not as edgy as the ones in my core models. Controls response nicely and are very smooth to the touch. So far, I've dive bombed the tremolo and so far, it has been rock solid but I can see how people do not like the tuners much. I'll keep them but may replace them as some point.

For the money, you cannot beat the quality and playability of this guitar and the customer experience with Dave's was first rate and equal to Brian's guitars. I will still but a few more core models but this guitar is a fantastic buy.


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Jan 21, 2015
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Awesome! Props to the Mrs for picking up on the hint. Merry Christmas!


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Mar 11, 2014
Congrats on the new Axe! Looking forward to some beautiful baked bean footage (Pics)! LOL