New Pedal Day (NPD): Wind Through the Trees


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Mar 20, 2014
When PRS announced their three pedals, I was immediately interested in all of them to a degree, but the Horsemeat was the one I felt I needed to explore first. I've had it for a while and I really like the tones I get out of it - it is now the primary source of dirt on my primary gigging/practice board.

The Wind Through the Trees (WTTT) dual-flanger seemed interesting too, but that flanger sound is not something I would use a whole lot, so I held off. There is one cover tune that I do (in my own time for amusement) that uses that classic sound - no, not Heart's Barracuda, it is "In Formaldehyde" by Porcupine Tree. My Boss Flanger matches the sound enough when I want to play around with that.

But then I stumbled on a tiny snippet of a demo video for WTTT where the REGEN was dialed down a bit (but not off) and I realized it almost sounded like a chorus - I think it was a demo that PRSh did, and he was describing the "new" (at the time) PRS pedals - I just checked the likely videos, and I think that was it. He then dialed up the REGEN and it became more "Flangy" - so I thought - hey, what would that sound like dialed all the way down?

So I poked around to find a video where someone demoed the pedal and played with the REGEN off. I think I found _one_ video where someone turned it off or almost off for a couple of seconds to show how doing that removed all the Flanger sound. But then the cranked it back up again, because it is a "Flanger" pedal, no point exploring non-Flanger aspects!

I got excited at the little bit I heard, because this means this is two pedals in one (or maybe four pedals in one): a single or dual flanger, and a single or dual chorus. I love to play around with dual chorus sounds, and one of my band's songs currently in heavy rotation in our setlist uses dual chorus to create a swirly swimming sound.

So I mentioned off-hand to my wife that I would really like to check one these out.

Guess what I got for my birthday recently? Oh yeah, Wind Through the Trees is in the house!

The amount of control provided for the chorus/flanger effects is immense. Speed, depth, "width" (as PRSh called it) for two independent LFOs, the relative mix of one or both, the mix of wet/dry, the control for added highs to help bring back the tone that Flanging often muffles, and the ability to go from extreme flange to the Chorus-type effect, or the light-flange in between, means this is one seriously capable modulation pedal.

I have a Boss Dimension C, which is a very unique chorus pedal because it somehow creates the chorus sound without getting too "wobbly" the way most Chorus pedals can (and which is often the desired effect). I'm not sure the WTTT can completely mimic that effect, but I'm gonna see if I can get it there.

I intend to explore more of the WTTT on my lunch break later today.

I'll eventually pick up a Mary Cries too, as that seems to be the kind of Compressor I would want to use.

I wonder if PRS has any plans for more pedals? I wonder if these ones are selling as well as they hoped?
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I took a coffee break (actually a tea break) and dialed in some nice Dimension-C type chorus sounds pretty quickly - most controls for the LFOs at noon, maybe rate a bit higher, with overall dry/wet mix to taste, and REGEN at zero of course. Tweak to mimic the various 1, 2, 3, 4 modes and the normal/SDD-320 modes of the Waza version. I don't know if exact, but close enough for how I use the Dim-C.

I also upped the REGEN and got the Flanger sound to mimic my favorite setting for the Boss Flanger pedal, so I'm pretty happy that the WTTT is very versatile and covers a lot of territory.

I think I'll be spending a lot of time mucking about with this.
I bought one of these last week. It is sneaky good at replacing chorus, rotary, and phaser and providing lots of additional creativity options. Love this thing. What a fabulous pedal!
I bought one of these last week. It is sneaky good at replacing chorus, rotary, and phaser and providing lots of additional creativity options. Love this thing. What a fabulous pedal!
Yup! Used it last night for a short festival gig - did exactly the swirly tones I needed!
I agree it's a great pedal. Love the mix control and the added highs control. Also love the fact that it does not distort with humbuckers.