Need help identifying my Dragon pickups please!


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Jul 27, 2023
I believe I may have purchased these pickups sometime between 2002-2004 possibly. I have such a bad memory and I only recently found these PRS Dragons in their respective boxes. I'm thinking of either swapping these out with the stock 85/15's coming on my PRS SE custom 24 that arrives in September 2023...or I may sell these. From the research I've done I think they are late 90's Dragon 1's, but I am not 100%. I know someone on here can help me. Their boxes read ACC-3028 Dragon, Treble, Nickel and ACC-3029 Dragon, Bass, Nickel. They are both mint condition never been used and still have the plastic over them. I appreciate anyone's expertise on the subject and helping me learn what type these are exactly plus how much they might go for if I ended up selling them. Thanks all!
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