Neck width and string spacing - real measurements

Discussion in 'Acoustic Guitars' started by shinksma, Mar 30, 2018.

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    In a different thread I mentioned that I picked up my PRS SE Angelus one night this week, after playing my Taylor 214ce for a while, and was astonished at how much easier it felt to play.

    I wrote that off to the Taylor perhaps having a slightly wider neck...but researching today, they officially don't.

    They both have a neck spec'd at 1 11/16" wide at the nut. Or 1.6875".

    So I dug out my digital calipers, and checked. PRS: 1.6715" / Taylor: 1.681".

    OK, that's weird, neither actually meet the official width, but the PRS is indeed narrower by 0.01" - not a whole lot.

    So I was looking at the top of the fretboards / neck area when I realized the PRS looked like it had narrower string spacings - there was more fretboard outside the strings compared to the Taylor. So I measured, outside to outside of the strings (I use same gauge on both), so apples to apples:

    PRS: 1.3735" / Taylor: 1.476"

    What?! 0.1025" difference?! No wonder I could feel that. Over 3/32" !! A little bit more and you'd be tempted to call it "about a quarter of an inch".

    No wonder the PRS felt so much more comfortable to my small hands!

    Can anyone who owns one of the new 2018 SE acoustic models do similar measurements for me?

    I have a T50e inbound, but it won't be here until Wednesday or so, and I am curious what it will feel like!

    And I wonder whether putting a nut cut to PRS string widths would help me on my Taylor...
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