My current "Studio Live" set

Moondog Wily

In Tune Wit Da Moon!
Feb 12, 2021
Piccolomini Crater, Luna
So last year, for the first time in my life, I started working on a live set. I have performed live a few times before, but never a "set". It was always 3 or 4 songs as I sit in at someone elses gig. I have recorded and released about 60 songs, some of which got radio airplay in 2015. I also never performed anyone elses music than my own (unless you count me playing "Message In A Bottle" on bass with some friends in 1988). I started in May of '21 and felt really good about what was coming out with me and my HBII. I then added a cajon with a pedal for my right foot. It was like fish to water. Barely missed a beat! I said great, now what about my left foot. Bought a second pedal and mounted some percussion (found that for now, just tambourine works best for me but have a 12 pedal foot drum on order from Farmer). That too worked out really well. In Dec '21, got my Axe FXIII! Did WONDERS for my guitar tone IMO (although I am only using one slightly modified factory preset at this time, Ruby Rocket Growl). Psyched about how it is working and have had two offers for gigs already (before I was ready when I sat in on someone elses sets) which I am now ready to pursue.

Calling it "Studio Live" because it is me playing live in my studio with no additions, overdubs, punch ins, etc. Here is my current set (about 90 minutes - ) and I am having a f'in BLAST! About half and half of originals and covers.

Paniolo by Moondog Wily
I Gotta Get Drunk by Willie Nelson
Howlin' At The Moon by Moondog Wily
Workin' In A Coal Mine by Allan Tousaint
Weatherman by Free R Me
Rebels by Tom Petty
Sympathy For The Devil by The Rolling Stones
Giddy Up With A Whiskey Cup by Moondog Wily
Walk On The Wild Side by Lou Reed
Funkin' & Jammin' by Moondog Wily
Monster Mash by Bobby "Boris" Pickett
Time Ain't Got No Grave by Moondog Wily
Tangled Up In Blue by Bob Dylan
Cold Day In Summer by Moondog Wily
Everybodys Gotta Live by Love
Yesterdays & Tomorrows by Moondog Wily
Breakdown by Tom Petty
Seeds We Sow by Moondog Wily
I'm A Viper by Stuff Smith
Handle Me With Care by Traveling Wilburys
Bad Moon Rising by Creedence Clearwater Revival

I have another dozen or so that I have been playing on and off, and am adding approximately one new song a week. If you want to check any of this out, here is the link (again):

Any feedback, good and bad very much appreciated! I have thick skin so don't be shy!! I am not a great guitar player, I am not a great singer, I am not a great drummer, but I think I am doing a pretty good job of being all three simultaneously! Thanks for reading, and listening if you do!!!