Muddy, weak sound from PRS SE Standard 22


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Feb 9, 2024
I hope I am posting in the right place - I am new to this forum and just got my first PRS. As a person who has played electric guitar for just over a year (I have played acoustic for the past 13 yrs) I only have had one guitar, a Epiphone Les Paul Jr with SS pup configuration. I just got a PRS SE Standard 22 and play on a Fender GT100 modeling amp.

I was surprised at how dark and muted the sound was on the PRS, even after raising the neck pickup. I assume the heavy base is a result of the sound patches being set up for Single coil pups and not humbuckers? I play a lot of Jazz and Blues stuff, and am trying to get more clarity out of my humbuckers, but am not sure what to do. Also, the volume knob seems to go from very high between 8-10, and hardly audible below 8 while playing at a lower volume on the amp.

As well, the tone knob seems to hardly have any affect at high volume on the guitar, and a lower volume on the amp (100w amp is a little extreme for my house, but for playing with the bands I play with, it has been perfect).

Does anyone have any advise/input for my tone/pickups/volume inquiries? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have always dreamed of owning PRS guitars, and am glad I do. I would just like to solve this weird issue as I know the guitar has great potential even as a beginner axe.
If it's clarity you want, lower your pickups, don't raise them.
This OP...I think the pups are kinda hot in that guitar..
It should not sound thin you maybe have the push pull up on the tone knob??
If it's clarity you want, lower your pickups, don't raise them.
I agree with DougGuitar. Check if pickup heights are at factory spec and then adjust to taste from there.

I would definitely say you would need to adjust amp Eq if you’re switching from a single coil to humbuckers by decreasing the bass and increasing the mids. You could also try an EQ pedal.
As far as the way your volume and tone rolls off, you can change pots which is a little bit subjective as far as what everyone likes. I am not sure what type of pots come in these guitars, but changing the pots could fix that issue.
Here is an article on the difference between audio and linear taper pots that might help.