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    Mar 15, 2016
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    March. I bought an Artist Custom 24 (Black&Gold) from Moore Music, Evansville, In. With Wilcutt Guitars being the local store and in my backyard, some would question my sanity. Instead, I drove 3 hours (one way) to test and hold my baby. Pics in profile.

    I get home and noticed the case was bent. It's not shutting on one corner, and the same corner snags when I open it. I call the guys at Moore Music and tell them my issue. Coincidentally, they are getting ready to take thier yearly pilgrimage to PRS.

    Fast forward to Saturday. They call me and say the replacement is in. Road trip. 6 hour round trip and I get an upgrade! Those guys just earned a customer for life! We were worried it wasn't fitting just right, so they said we're not going to let you drive home without a replacement.

    This stunning black paisley case with blue inside.

    So, if you're looking for pretties, give them a shout!

    I'm having trouble with the URL. it's the Artist V on the PRS Accessories page.

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    Yup, I've bought several guitars from them, would deal with again.

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