Mold spots on Silver Sky Tuning pegs?


New Member
Sep 23, 2019
Hi Everyone,

Days after a really humid gig, I noticed green/dark spots on some of the plastic tuning keys/pegs on my silver sky.

I have used Lysol wipes to remove most of it, but there are some spot stains leftover which are difficult to see without a light.

Anyone else experience this? Possible it’s something other than mold? How would you remove this?

This is the second time I’ve had to clean these off from this. Nervous it’ll carry over to my mono case and other parts of the guitar.
Could it be mosquito repellant or something in the air? I've never heard of this either.

Those repellant chemicals with mess with certain plastics. Maybe a warranty repair.
You weren’t using a cheesy tuning, we’re you?

Sorry, kidding… :) I’ve never heard of that on any guitar. I live on the Gulf of Mexico and we’ve playing in humidity so bad it trashed a power amp, but never molded a tuner peg. Make sure you’re wiping it down before putting it in the case. If it goes in sweaty, it might come out growing things you don’t want.