Hard to turn tuners on Silver Sky SE


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Dec 30, 2022
Bought my SE Silver Sky new last year and really enjoy it. Only issue it has are all of the tuners are hard to rotate. Thought it might get better over time and with use but still the same. Recently during the last string change, the 2 stiffer ones even seem worse.

The turning stiffness is an issue with and without the strings on and tuned up.

I used a small syringe to add a little vasalene to the lubrication holes on the tuners but no difference. Wondering now if its friction between the posts and the press in headstock bushings.

Anyone else have any experience with this or thoughts?
Thanks, however these tuners have the buttons either injected molded or pressed onto the shafts. No screws. My DGT SE tuner buttons have the screws and rotate like buttah.
Yesterday a removed one of the stiff tuners on the SE silver sky, still hard to turn, not an installation issue. No way to adjust, looks like variation resulting during manufacturing. Going to have to live with it for now.
I didn't know what tuners are on the silver sky. I looked at a photo and they are similar to gibson. Drop a little oil in the hole on the back of the tuner. See if that helps.
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i greased them a bit earlier. May try a small drop of oil at the shaft ends tonight