Modern Eagle 6?

ME 6? Me, 6? There’s only one possibility.

It’ll be announced that the ME6 will be a headless, multi-scale baritone. The knobs will be redesigned, finally realizing Paul’s initial vision of knobs that increase resonance while helping to properly shape the magnetic field in a patented, KMI process. You’ll be able to differentiate these knobs because of a somewhat gaudy K stamped on the top. They’ll be otherwise indistinguishable, as PRS had been silently using magnetic-field influencing knobs since the lampshades came out.

The Me, 6? will also mark the departure of Paul and a big change for PRS—Jeff Kiesel is coming on board to be the new face of the brand. The Me, 6? will be made in California to take advantage of Kiesel’s knob-polishing proficiency. Kiesel will be wholly-owned by PRS, with Private Stock taking advantage of Kiesel’s pick any gaudy color online configurator. More news about the future of Private Stock once the team in Indonesia gets the fretboard inlay sticker application process down—teaser: Celtic knots are gonna be an option again!
It will be headless with a faceted neck, only have a piezo pickup that you control via an app, have a hollow carbon-fiber body that's ergonomic but difficult to look at, and connect wirelessly to a proprietary modeler.

OBVIOUSLY LEAST it's innovation.
There will not be an ME 6.

There will, however be an MEVI. When the announcement is made, PRSh and the upper management at PRSG will gather in a conference room, bountifully supplied with popcorn, and watch the guitar forums explode over whether this is a) the next Modern Eagle, the em-vee-six, or b) a new model, and whether this new model is a meh-vee, a me-vee, a meh-vie, or a me-vie.
Maybe they'll skip VI like MESA/Boogie did. Go right to ME VII...
Maybe the ME VII will be the 7 string version of the ME VI...and I agree...
I think it would be killer if it was equipped with a squabbin 57/08 in the bridge and a narrowfield in the neck, with a 3-way toggle, and the controls in the Santana location.
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