Looking for Floyd rose help…


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Apr 28, 2012
So I sold my original Ibanez rg550 back in 1991 as a young man who tired of dealing with a Floyd. Fast forward to last week, I bought a reissue of the rg550 and immediately remembered why I hated it. Some time in between my original and now a company made a tool that the trem could rest on during string changes which supposedly solved lots of the problems. It was about 2x the thickness of a credit card and slid under the trem and was padded to sit on the body. I can’t remember what it was called and can’t find one anywhere. Does anyone remember this or have I lost my mind?
I have not seen that tool. You could probably use a number of things to do that. I have a piece of rubber that I stick between the base of a trem and the body so it won't leave any marks when I take all of the strings off. Setting the intonation on a Floyd is much more of an issue than needing to find a way to prop the trem up. There are a couple of tools out there to help with that. I have not used them. I have a way of doing it that I have been using for many years. It works and I don't need any special tools so I stick with it.
It’s called a Tremolok made by Grip-Master. Perfect for Floyd work. I have one and use it on RG’s. A lot thicker than a credit card at 1/8”
This is exactly what I was thinking of. Thanks for the stew mac recommendation, going to order that today!