Locking Tuners PRS SE Akerfeldt


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Mar 24, 2017
Hello everybody,
this is my first post here, so I'm glad to meet you all!

I bought a wonderful PRS SE Akerfeldt guitar but, since I use the tremolo a little, I would like to upgrade hardware with locking tuners.
Would anyone be so kind, please, to tell me which other vendors models might fit exactly on my nut (i.e. avoiding any mod)?

Thanks a lot!
Thanks everybody. So... Customizing mines is impossible since I live in Italy. Grover 406g mini might be the solution. About Schaller minutes is someone more convinced about their full compatibility?
I'll respond so you don't feel like you are being ignored, but:

I haven't ever swapped out tuners on my PRSi. My SEs stay in tune enough for me, including my Akerfeldt (yes, a great guitar!), so I've never had the urge to upgrade.

There have been some threads on here about swapping out SE tuners for Grovers or Schallers, so maybe just search those terms?
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