Having a difficult time finding the correct saddles for a SE 24 Standard


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Jan 3, 2024
on Mann's site, there are several choices for the brass saddles. ...Silver Sky, PRS USA Bridge, unplated or gold or the PRS trem saddles ($150 for the SE?), I can't tell if those fit the PRS molded trem or if those are for the Core models or what. Very confusing to me.

And at that point, just get the block too, in the upgrade kit...or buy the whole trem?
Probably not the best use of funds but spending another $300 on my $350 SE Standard, still seems within boundaries, versus looking at the S2, which still has the same trem?...and around $1200 used?

I already have the locking tuners and a graphtech nut.

Or...am I just a silly SE owner wasting my money and should just be happy will my killer SE?

Sorry...I think I've asked similar questions previous, but Mann's site is very confusing to me... I must be a true guitar player! :) ( I haven't delivered a pizza in my life)
I replaced tuners with PRS locking, the entire trem with Mann brass trem, pots with Bourns and the 3 pos switch with a 6 pos Free-way on a new SE SAS. Nothing silly about upgrading an SE, mine is now more like my core PRS. I really like the Mann trem as the parts are so much better than the SE versions. My 6 trem screws were bent and the v-notch was buggered up on more than one screw making tuning unstable from the factory. The Mann all brass bridge, saddles and block improved tone and sustain too. I felt the cost of the entire trem was money well spent versus just the cost of the saddles.
Good info. My issue is figuring out which items on the MannUSA site to order. The descriptions are confusing which one is the replacement for the SE24 Standard.
The Mann trem is absolutely worth it, but the kit is a good route too. Give him a call, that's the easiest way. A core trem and se trem are the same dimensions, but silver sky is a different bridge that reportedly can use the same saddles. I'm not a SS guy to say from experience.

You can find used s2 standards considerably cheaper than $1200, but yes, it would still be the same trem, and I'd personally still want the Mann trem or kit.

Modding a se isn't silly. It's almost a rite of passage. :D
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+1 on giving John Mann a call and +1 on upgrading your SE.

I went through a few SE's until I found an SE CU24 that I really connected with. I replaced the pickups, bridge, knobs, pots, wires, tuners etc... and have loved and played the crap out of it ever since. I don't gig out these days, but I do jam with people often and once in a while I get a tone compliment along with a comment about how PRS's just sound so good. I don't think most people even catch on that it's not a core.