locking machine heads

  1. needsmoresklll

    SE Locking Tuners - hardware issue

    My SE locking tuners finally arrived and I installed them today, only running into 1 minor issue. The supplied screws are too small (diameter, not length) for my 2017 MIK SE Santana. Maybe not an issue for guitars from Indonesia? I was able to just reuse the ones that came out of the stock...
  2. G

    Locking Tuners PRS SE Akerfeldt

    Hello everybody, this is my first post here, so I'm glad to meet you all! I bought a wonderful PRS SE Akerfeldt guitar but, since I use the tremolo a little, I would like to upgrade hardware with locking tuners. Would anyone be so kind, please, to tell me which other vendors models might fit...
  3. Elliot

    Schaller v. Grover locking tuners PRS SE

    I'm looking for a drop in replacement for my tuners on my PRS SE cu24 30th. I have looked at both the Schaller and Grover locking machine heads. I read a bunch of reviews on Amazon. One review said that the chrome on the Schaller machine heads was a little fragile. Also, the Grover drop in...