Lets see what PRS players drive for cars/motorcycles!

2023 Tesla Model Y, just keeping it simple.

I remember seeing Fogarty and McKenzie riding basically privateer spec Honda 500/4 at Donnington in a Grand Prix and they both still finished in top ten.
McKenzie managed 4th if my poor memory serves me correct.
If Foggy had stuck with GP a little longer it could have been very interesting but he had his reasons at the time.

And let's never forget the Haslams who lived two miles from myself with many losing their life's in pursuit of the sport unfortunately.
However Rocket Ron did make it big if never quite top tier being in the shadow of "kinda squirrelly" Kevin Schwantz at Suzuki.
Ahhh...Yes! Much Love For The Haslams.

When Schwantz Had All The Stars Aligned In His Orbit He Was Something Else To Watch. I Miss Those Days Of Racing...
I ride a 2020 Harley Davidson CVO Street Glide. My little play bike is a 2020 Honda Monkey. That little bike is a ton of fun, not that the big one isn't as much fun. It is just different. The 4 wheel vehicle is a 2017 Ford Explorer Sport. I love this thing too. I feel very fortunate to have vehicles that I truly like. The explorer is just big enough to fit my guitar rig and PA gear into for gigs. I had an Edge for a few years. I couldn't get everything in there. I had to start leaving the lights at home because I couldn't fit them in.