Left handed cases (multi-fit?)


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Mar 13, 2024
I just got another used Core. A lefty. Came with what looks like an aftermarket knock-off SKB case. It's a good enough case, but I prefer the old-school Fender type cases, so I started poking around to see what's out there. My other Core has the PRS Fender type case, and you can see where the indentations for the 'horns' would work with a righty or a lefty guitar. But looking at the new multi-fit cases, it's looking like the 'horn' indentations are sized/aligned to only fit a righty. It's hard to tell from the pics as the interiors are so dark. The Artist series cases (the paisley ones) have better pictures on most sites, and you can really tell they are shaped for a righty. Anyone own one of the newer multi-fit cases? Any intel on their ambidextrous abilities would be greatly appreciated. I tried to find a place to ask a question on the PRS website, but no luck. I know they are still making lefty guitars, so.. what kind of cases do they have? Thank you for your time reading this.
I’m pretty sold on the SKB Route 66, light, usable with RH and LH guitars, TSA approved and secure.

I love the PRS case that my Santana comes with, but my back doesn’t.