PRS SE 245 hard case that's not the Multi-fit?


New Member
Feb 18, 2022
Hi! I am looking for a hard case for my PRS SE 245, and, aside from the PRS Multi-fit case and and SKB super waterproof case, I have not seen any that are "made for" this guitar, or that fit is snuggly. Any SE 245 fellows have a hard case for the instrument or just use the gig bag? The stores in my country only really have Gator acoustic and classical guitar cases, CNB gig bags (which suck), and Gator transit gig bags. Any imput is appreciated, thanks!
Hi and welcome to the forum.

I have an SE245, long story, I use the gig bag that it came with. Really good bag. Only gripe is that the tuners can get knocked, but hey that’s why I have a tuner in the bag and it’s no biggie.

I’m pretty sure that the SE would fit a LP shaped SKB/Gator case and they’re pretty good value, if you decide to go in that direction.

Best of luck with your decision.