John Mann's Guitar Vault 12th Annual Children's Charity Raffle

John Mann

Authorized PRS Dealer
Apr 27, 2012
Bedford, NH 03110
For our 12th year, John Mann’s Guitar Vault is raffling off this beautiful new PRS Private Stock Special Semi-Hollow Limited Edition Guitar to raise money for the Webster House, which is a safe home for children here in New Hampshire.
Each year we have done this, it has been a huge success! To date, I have donated over $65,000 to the kids at the Webster House, in behalf of all of you. The MAP price of this guitar is $11,500

Only 200 tickets (maximum) will be sold. A minimum of 80 tickets must be sold.
Winning ticket will be drawn on or before 9:00 pm, November 11, 2023.

Raffle Ticket Donation

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In. Here's Webster House's website. My wife's grandfather spent some of his childhood in a similar place here in Vermont, nearly as long established and also still running. Kids need these options ... perhaps even more than we all need that guitar.
Just got in. I have been wanting to get in on this for the last couple of years. Finally financially set where I can spend some extra cash to help out a great charity and have a chance to win a beautiful PS and like RickP said, it’s about the only way I can justify getting a PS.