11th Annual Children's Charity Raffle - Private Stock Orianthi Limited Edition

I am a foster parent, and I want to say that the adoption of a child into a family will change the lives of many of your loved ones. It is important to lay a strong, "right" foundation when building your renewed family. We can also build a big house if we build a strong foundation. And if it is unstable, unstable, then it may not be safe to live in such a house. Honestly, answer yourself why and why you are thinking about it. And if you are ready and want to take responsibility for an adopted child, you can contact any adoption agency where you will be very welcome and prompt further steps.
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What you are doing is wonderful! Tell me, is it possible to take custody or adopt a child from this orphanage?
Well... I am not sure. The Webster House is not an orphanage in the direct sense of the meaning.
But that is certainly an honorable gesture!

Contact the The Webster House of NH directly. It's a great organization helping wonderful, in need kids.
Has the guitar arrived yet? On the new website, I can't find any information on the raffle at all. The original link to it is dead.

Could you please update us?
Woooohoooo tomorrow is the big day. Fingers crossed. Best of luck everybody.

Happy birthday for tomorrow John. Hope you have an amazing day!
Today is the big day. Drawing is at 3pm Live on Facebook