Is the old Faux Binding out of fashion?

All my PRS guitars have Faux Binding and I have a couple - inc the one in my Avatar with Double Faux Binding as they are Hollowbodies.

I have seen a fair few Fire Red Burst 'wraps' but I much prefer the Faux binding. To me, a PRS has to have both Faux Binding and Birds... LOL
My new Fire Red Burst has the scraped binding. I wouldn't want a wrap finish with this color. The natural scraped binding really looks nice with that dark red.
I wish my fire red HBII had the scraped binding. Instead it’s got the mahogany body core painted black and stained binding. I wish they had left the mahogany natural instead of black.

But it’s got a rosewood neck and that’s all that matters. I didn’t get the choice of colour. This is my dream guitar.