Guitar Wasn't SET UP When It Arrived To You? By Scott Grove

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by CoreyT, May 5, 2016.

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    May 31, 2014
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    My core PRS was not setup well when it arrived, the action was way too high. I called the dealer and emailed PRS, and they said it was good for the sustain. After suffering for a year, I did my own setup including the truss rod adjustment to the PRS specs after watching some videos. I lowered the action, but got buzzing from the 12-15th fret on some strings. Earlier this year I took it to Chicago Music Exchange for a setup, and it's like NGD! Plays so much nicer, feels better, and sustains the same as far as I can tell. Wish I had done it earlier.
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    Mar 10, 2015
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    This guy is a little over the top with the temp & humidity thing and how any change in environment is going to throw it all out of whack. On that level he's full of it. Guitars *ARE* the "imperfect instrument" struggling against the tension of the strings and the stability of the design, but if your axe goes *COMPLETELY* out of adjustment just by gong to a different environment (LIKE HE SAYS), it has problems beyond the environment you put it in.

    On the other hand, a set up is something that should be done on any guitar you purchase, after any change of string gauge, or if the instrument shows signs of failing. (neck bowing & etc)
    I also feel that its a good idea for guitarists that love the instrument to learn how to do a setup and adjust truss rods. It's not that difficult to learn and after doing some reading/learning and a couple of trial runs, a pro setup is achievable.
    ....been doing it for 3 decades now.
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    After the crazy spring we have had in Ct, I am gong through each guitar in germs setup. Two out of three have been rock stable. No truss rod adjustments needed. Yeah!
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    I've never adjusted my McCarty, I probably should, but it plays fine and doesn't buzz.. I'm not turning a thing if it doesn't need it. I do have others that have required maybe an 1/8th turn and that is about it. A curious thought.. ALL my guitars hang. Most haven't seen their real case in a decade. Will the simple weight of the guitar as it hangs keep the neck somewhat in order?? It seems to be the case with mine.
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    Actually, I've got a large point, but it is covered by the hair on my head. Plus, I'm 100% correct on everything stated in the video. With over 3,000 axes under my belt and living in the Mojave Desert for over a decade where the humidity is always under 5% and the temps well above 100 3/4 of the year....I REALLY know my stuff on this subject. [mod edit]
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    Yes, but on a very rare occasions.
  7. coyote

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    Sep 29, 2015
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    I dunno... I've got a Fender Stratocaster that needs the truss rod tweak every year or so. But then I also have a Squier Standard Stratocaster that has only needed it once in six years. My 408 is with me since last November or so, and has not needed adjustment.

    What I don't grasp is why folks think this is a big deal, or why they feel they need bring it to a tech to accomplish. It's so easy to do, as long as you trust the process and don't be too aggressive with it.

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