GUITAR PLAYER Demos Roland's Micro Cube GX


PRS Addiction
Jun 27, 2012
Auburn, WA. USA
I have had a few days to play with this new Micro Cube GX, and here are my thoughts on it compared to my Yamaha THR 10X.
Both are very nice small very loud amps.
The Roland will last longer than the Yamaha when running on batteries, but the Yamaha has its own volume control for when you plug in an MP3 player or your cell phone, the Roland does not.

The Yamaha has USB output for hooking up to your PC to record with the software that came with it, and the Roland has no USB capability.
But if you have an iPhone, you can use the app you get from Apples store to use with an Apple device to record with.

Both are very good sounding amps, and one nice feature I like on the Cube is a lower octave position on one of the dials.
It plays the original notes/chords along with one octave lower.

The Roland Micro Cube GX is half the price of the Yamaha THR 10X.

They both have the same effects you can dial in with the exception of no lower octave on the Yamaha.

Maybe next weekend I will try and shoot a video using the amps.
I like the Cube a lot though, and will be picking up a second one for my youngest son as a Christmas present later..
He has the Fender Mustang One, but I like this better.
I sold my Mustang a few months back.

This is something I can take to work along with one of my guitars and jam out in the auditorium there before work and not have to plug into any outlet there.