Long time PRS fan finally gets one.

For Fox Sake

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Aug 16, 2022
Hi. Dennis here. Ive been a fan of PRS a long time and hoped someday to get a SE version. Well recently an ad was on Facebook for a cherry singlecut 2007 for $475 Canadian down from $500. I contacted a buddy who was willing to buy it and trade me for 2 Squier strats. A Korean and Indonesion standard both gold label guitars. He managed to get the guitar for me for only $400 and it had been gone over by a guitar tech (tech was selling it for a friend) so the action is nice and low with no issues. Came with the PRS gigbag which is awesome. I really like it. I sat outside today and played 2 hours with a micro amp. I had covid last week so wasnt practicing. During the covid sick I decided to quit pot after 44 years of it. 5 days later I'm feelin great. No more morning gasping! Lots of great ideas jamming today. I have a few youtube videos of me playing it, but after a few posts, (The rules) I'll have a link ready. I'm under Dennis Fox on you tube. (5stringbassmanx) hundreds of music videos from my bands duos and some solo work through the pandemic making videos. Again I really like this guitar the build quality is very nice and theres hardly a scratch on it. Enjoying these forums and learning a few things. Cheers from BC Sunshine coast Canada.
Congrats Dennis and welcome. We want to see your guitar :). Post a few more times and lets see it.

Host image on Imagur or something then post the BB code link here...if you want to share a pic.
Congrats Dennis and welcome to the addiction club! Great that you have the material available on youtube!! I will check it out!!! If you have anything related to your music, put it in the Studio & Stage section of the website here!!!

As for posting pix, you will need to "host" those pix somewhere else as this forum does not allow uploading pix to it for a variety of reasons. If you need help on that topic, there are several threads regarding it, and they are all available at this thread: https://forums.prsguitars.com/threads/sharing-pictures-on-prs-forum.47818/

If you still have any troubles getting some pix up, pm me and I will assist!