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Gold Pickup Pole Screws?


New Member
May 1, 2012
South Florida
I have a new 57/08 on the way for the Studio I just purchased. Is there anywhere that you all know of that I can buy the pole screws in gold? The guitar has hybrid hardware on it and the narrowfields have gold pole pieces. I thought it would look nice to have them on the humbucker too. The current pickup doesn't have them or I would swap them out.
Man, they want almost as much to ship them as the parts cost.. If I get them there I will have to find some other things I need to make it worth it.
StewMac is CRAZY expensive on shipping. And from my experience they get your stuff to the carrier when they feel like it. Sometimes days after you've paid for it.
These are also on my website...
I need to remember to start checking your site first... Hopefully the Reverb fees didn't eat too much on that purchase.
Sad but true... shipping costs continually go up and quality of service is going down, down, down...
I can't believe how much shipping is compared a just a couple of years ago. It is nuts. I have witnessed the backslide in service quality too.
A lot of service has declined with bigger companies .. I've had a few screw ups from StewMac , but for the myriad of small parts needs they are a reliable choice. It ALWAYS pays to check around .. John has an impeccable rep and track record .. Thank you Sir!