Upgraded SE 594 goes kaboom!

Okay guys, just a brief comparison and disclosure. The custom buckers do marginally shade the 57/08’s in clarity. Less muddy and every string can be heard clearly. They’re hotter too.

However, I value the guitars infinitely more than the pickups. It’s like the guitar is Queen, the music originator, the songwriter, the original live Freddie flair, while the pickup is a tribute band.

A tribute band is the only way to enjoy a Queen live performance, but without Queen, there is no tribute band.

Perhaps the custom bucker is a darn near perfect tribute band, who knows. While I do wish both guitars had the same clarity, the guitars remain the guitars, and I’m happy with the variety! My tinkering is done!
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Not on an SE. Note there is no figuring on the natural maple edge. That’s a flame maple veneer over a plain maple top.
Yup I know that. In my heart I still perceive them as exquisite tops.