General MEQ Question


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Apr 29, 2012
I have an opportunity to get rid of a CST24, in its place would be an MEQ. I have never played one - in fact, the closest American PRS I have played to it, I guess, is a mid-00s CST22 with McCarty switching.

I already have a STD24 and a Mira, the CST24 sounds (obviously) closest to the STD (but STD sounds better IMO).

So, on paper, the MEQ would certainly fill an "American 22" void"

I would have to get rid of the 24 before I got the MEQ, so no overlap.

I realize that I "just need to play both" but anyone who has both, please feel free to describe, thanks.
If I was only able to have one standard model PRS, it would be an MEQ. The RW neck, 5310s, pattern carve, McCarty body, etc just work for me. Plus you get a paisley case ...
How about if you throw a Siggy into the fray? Seems to be alot of love for them...