PRS Equivalent to a Fender American Ultra Telecaster?

The Vela is magical. No denying that. Coming from a long time Fender guy that's owned a Vela for a while I wouldn't consider it tele. Sure it has the barrels on the bridge, but the plate is different from the ashtray and doesn't have that tele pickup either. You can get some tele like tones and the barrels give a somewhat tele feel to the palm. I still wouldn't consider it tele for lots of reasons. It's honestly so much more. You can get quite a few tones out of it but at the end of the day it is its own thing.

The NF53 is more geared as the PRS take on a tele. Definitely more tele than a Vela. Still to me it's not a tele, but for sure telesque. I like it because it's a PRS take on things with a nod to a tele. Personally I prefer the Myles Kennedy over the NF53, but both are solid.

You can't go wrong with an American PRS in terms of quality. It'll be right there with what you've come to expect.
I can’t suggest the new vela in black satin enough. It’s got plain white acrylic birds. But has the black and chrome. It will be different than what you have and extremely versatile. The neck profile has some of the smallest shoulders on a PRS and feels like a nice C shape guitar.
I would also suggest a core studio: available in black and will blow away any HSS you’ve tried before
If I wanted a Telecaster type guitar, I would buy...

a Telecaster.


The OP never said he was looking for a Telecaster-type guitar. He stated that he already had two Telecasters and was getting rid of one and looking for a PRS and was asking for suggestions.