Favorite boosts/ODs with Archon?

TS 808 has always been the gold standard for boosting higher gain amps. I've tried this with my very own Klon clone and the Klon was mud compared to my TS 808.
Good point and my Eros is working well.

That said, my JHS Bonsai allowed me to sell my TS9 and 808.
Thanks. I wanted that pedal but I ended up with the KSR Eros.
Did the Precision also work into thr clean as an amp in a box? I want a pedal for that, hence the Burnley.... But also blends with the gain.
It's designed more as a front-end for metal, it drives the preamp and shifts the bass response to be a little tighter. I have no idea how it would sound into a clean amp.
It's designed more as a front-end for metal, it drives the preamp and shifts the bass response to be a little tighter. I have no idea how it would sound into a clean amp.
Yes, similar to a tube screamer. I did play one briefly into a Dual Rec and loved it but I got so close with my JHS Bonsai, that this has become my TS pedal.
Gonna pick up a Bogner Weasex and Burnley and sew how they do with. Wessex I had years ago but I want version 2.
I know it's a pedal that works well into the clean cha nel but also works well to enhance or to take into metal territory like a TS style pedal.
Aside from the Bogner pedals like the Burnley and Wessex, has anyone given the Revv G2, G3 or G4 a chance with the Archon? I may have to do a shootout!
Maybe a Friedman pedal too.
The new Bogner Burnley sounds so much better than the original.

Knowing myself, I am going to want to boost the Archon. Nice thing is that pedals have gotten so good.

I recently played a friend's Engl Savage 120 MkII and loved it. Channel 4 is so thick, juicy and saturated.
I'm thinking with the right pedal, I can get that with my amps, inclusing the Archon.
I liked the Suhr Kokoboost and the Bogner Burnley. I used them almost exclusively for a couple of years. I just got this, but don't have it on the board yet. Looking forward to what it sounds like with the Archon. Made in New Zealand. Took about 10 days to get to Chicago.

I have the Koko Boost. Isn't it essentially a tube screamer? I have a JHS Bonsai and Horizon Devices Precision Drive and it can be hard to tell the difference.
I hear reviews claim the Archon is more vintage Marshall so you need a pedal to make it sound more modern.
That's not accurate in my experience.
It does take pedals well however, like an older Marshall
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No, sorry about that. I used the Burnley with the Clean channel. I had the Wessex, but preferred the Burnley. I had a 40th Anniversary Tube Screamer (the Keeley modded one), but didn't care for that, at all.

The Wessex is a lower gain OD and the Burnley is more a distortion pedal. I assume you didn't like the voicing of the Wessex or that you could just lower the Burnley gain and get close enough to the Wessex to make it worth it.

I got the Burnley v2 and prefer over the originals nal Burnley. Sounds tighter and clearer. Personal preference but I like the revoicing.

Do you guys think it is even worth it fo have a tube screamer considering ai already have a KSR Eros which does so much, plus the Suhr Koko Boost and Bogner Burnley v2?

The JHS Bonsai or any modded tube screamer maybenis a repetition ve since I can get that thick mid boosted sculpting with my Eros.
My goal is to find a pedal to use for medium gain OD that can combine with the Archon or just boost the Archon and the use volume knob for lower gain.
No amp in a box pedal will really compete so I'd rather just use the Archon, use my volume knob, a few boosts and just adjust the gain.
I use and recommend the RYRA Klone to anyone who will listen.
Thank you.
That mag be too transparent if it doesn't allow one to shape the tone a bit. Looks great and I think I've heard of it, plus other such clones.
I’m sure I’ll love this one, once I get it plugged in. The one that cost $29, not the $5k one!

Just gonna say, the difference was pretty obvious here, even on the computer (iMac) speakers in my den. A bit of that may have been due to volume differences between the two pedals.

What I heard right off the bat was less lower midrange, and a different breakup when the pedal was run edge of breakup - as the gods of tone clearly intended! WTF was up with running a Klon at higher gain settings? They sound...I dunno...not their best that way.
Thanks, Klons come up a lot. The J Rockett Archer, especially.
Plus they have the Archer Boost/EQ pedal.