DNGD: SC58 & SE Zach Myers


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Jan 11, 2020
This was a good week! Traded two of my guitars for these 2 beauties! A PRS SE Zach Meyers and a SC58! The SC58 is my first USA PRS and I'm loving it. It has a beautiful top and it came with one of those artists cases, very luxurious! This guitar has a very warm and lush sound with plenty of body and resonance. I suppose the 57/08 pickups are very even and slightly 'compact' sounding but very versatile. I had to get the nut fixed because the slots were too low but it plays and sounds like a dream now! Very nice guitar! Who else has one?

The Zach Myers is also an impressive instrument. It looks great, plays amazingly well and sounds great too. It has a wonderful natural resonance and a more bright and snappy sound when compared to the SC58. The pickups are noticeably brighter than the 57/08s so they compliment each other well. I gotta say that the SE's never fail to impress me, such amazing guitars for the price. I also have a couple of SE Baritones and those are also very nice. There is no shame at all in playing these SE models, so much value!

So yes, this was a good week! Now I need to make some music! :)

Not sure how to post the image here but I have posted a pic of the guitars on my IG:

Score! I think we need to start a strictly trade only thread for PRS guitars. That would be awesome. I would be game for swaps
Congratulations on your new guitarS day!