Dave's Guitars - SEs and S2s constantly showing up

I had some trouble with the piezo on the se angelus custom I just bought so ran over to get that fixed yesterday and my daughter fell in love with a se lifeson thinline so that came home with us too... Being an hour from Lacrosse is dangerous, I need to stay out of that town between 10-6 for a while lol... When we went to move I thought it was going to be awesome to be that close, now I am not so sure lol.
I popped on Dave's site today and saw this new listing. I wish I needed one. Wow!
2016 CE-24

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That's good to hear. I bought one guitar (P245) from them last year and had no issues. I did contact them prior to ask a few questions before hitting the buy button. But I've been very happy.
That McCarty is really nice. I looked at it once or twice. There are some really nice guitars listed there for decent prices. They had a SC245 that really liked. I just bought a USA Tremonti from Chicago Music Exchange. If it doesn't do it for me I'll sell it and grab the 245. I like my P245 so it will fit right in.
Are they the Brazzy Rosewoods? I've been looking at one. I think they were held at the factory due to legal wrangling on the wood and then released to dealers in 2013. Nice! Any initial thoughts to sway me?