Best clean boost pedal?


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Aug 18, 2012
Hi Guys,
Can anyone recommend a good clean boost pedal and say why you like it? Thanks in advance.
EP booster for simplicity's sake.

I've brought this up before, but I really like the Jetter Jet Drive for both boost and drive. It's basically two overdrives in one pedal. Both are independent (you can run either or both). I set the first side for a nice clean boost and the other for a good bluesy drive. Then, I just pick and choose what I need.
The White BB Booster, because it most certainly adds a very clean boost at low settings, to drive an amp harder, but also offers a soft Marshall type OD when the drive is turned up, and very quiet.
EP Booster. I have 2. I set for Vintage & one for Top Boost (Factory Default) Of course, one white & 1 black.
I've used the Fulltone Fat Boost in the past with great results.

I find that the HX/DA and my former Two-Rocks didn't need a boost pedal in front. Neither did the Mesa Mk V. Other amps did, however.
I have 3 different boosts:
Klon (silver) - love it ! (bought it new back when they were reasonable)
EP Boost - really is amp dependent, but with the right amp it is amazing
Fulltone Fat boost (v3) - a nice all around boost pedal, rugged

My current set up is a PRS DGT - Klon Centaur - Victoria Ivy League (tweed Harvard)
I like my EP Boost as well. Can't quite remember the Klon (when I had one) but it was excellent too - as you can see from the current price tag.
For quite a while I've been using a Suhr KoKoBoost. I like the choice of either a general boost or a mid-range boost. I recently pulled it off the board in favor of the tube-driven Black Box from Red Iron Amps. I don't have a great vocabulary to describe what it does other than when I turn it on it always feels like I just took a blanket off when I didn't even know it was under a cover.
Put me down as another vote for the EP boost , I like mine a lot.
I also use a Seymour Duncan pickup booster mostly with single coil guitars .
It has 25 db boost and a switch to change the pickups' resonance to simulate a humbucker
Combine that with a 6db boost and you can sound like you have a HB in a strat for 8 bars of a solo ,
then go back to a single coil for the verses. Add 25 db boost and it's handy for crowd control ;)
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Thanks guys! I really appreciate all the feedback.

I read the posts and kept seeing EP Booster over and over again. Not knowing what it was or looked like, I Googled EP Booster and started laughing. One of the guys at my local guitar shop has been raving about this boost pedal he just started using. When I saw the photo on the Xotic website, I saw that his pedal is the EP Booster the one you guys have been recommending. :)
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The various Echoplex boosters DO sound nice...really nice. However, my favorite is the Lizard Leg Flying Dragon. Adds just the right amount of "sizzle".
Currently using an MXR Micro-Amp. Clean boost, no noise & inexpensive too! :prslogo:
I love the boost I get from my Effectrode PC-2A when the peak reduction knob is off or slightly on.