Anyone have a spare $150,000?


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Jun 25, 2012
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On ebay with a BIN of $150,000...
Is that a prs neck, grafted onto a gibson explorer body ?

No, it was a one off made for Billy Gibbons in, IIRC, '86. It actually appeared in some print ads at the time that appeared in Guitar for the Practicing Musician and/or Guitar World and Guitar Player. I remember seeing it in one of those mags, drooling and then being bummed that it wasn't a production model. As if I could have afforded it then anyway!
As per Hans' question would be nice to find out if it is the original, or one of several Leprechaun knock offs that were made by Ed.
In response to Mike's post above...Unless we can either see official provenance of this one, or the signed headstock (and other stuff I guess) there's no way to determine if it's the real one or an Ed Roman knock-off. :confused:

I'm talking like I could buy it if it were real. yeah...maybe....if he cut the price by 90%, then maybe I'm in the ballpark....probably still in foul territory, but in the ballpark nonetheless. :D
I believe it's genuine (the one on eBay) - it says that it will include official documentation and they haven't budget on the price in YEARS. I'm sure if it was a knock off they would have accepted....on I dunno, 30-40k haha.

BTW that page I posted was from Billy Gibbons book. Someone on VR posted it.