Anybody ever done this with their Custom, Standard, or CE 24 ?


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Feb 14, 2013
The ‘94 Standard Goldtop I traded for a few weeks ago, came loaded with a set of 57/08’s which I LOVE in this guitar.

The guy forgot to include the original Vintage Bass and HFS pickups when I got the guitar.

I called him up and he apologized and said I could pick them up tomorrow.

I have my ‘95 Purple CU 24 10-Top that has the original VB & HFS pickups in it.

I’d like to install the VB in the bridge of this guitar.

Would a VB in neck and bridge sound good together?

Any of you ever done this, or is it just a bad idea?

Thanks in advance for your input.
I just posted about this a couple weeks ago.

I have a custom built guitar one volume one pickup and floyd and I tossed vb pickup in it.

I think it sounds good and I was informed prs had a model with vb in both positions, I was unaware of that.

You could have a phase issue since vb pickup may have had magnet flipped to be compatible with rotary switch.

Mine sounds good but not sure how well it would work for higher gain stuff. Should have enough output for higher gain. I say try it and report back.