Adhesive used in PRS Volume Knobs?


Mar 8, 2013
So I removed the volume/tone knobs on my '94 custom to clean the pots. When I did, there was a black, sticky paste or adhesive of some kind stuck to the shaft of the pot. Thinking this was dirt/grim build up, I cleaned it off. Now when I went to put the knobs back on, they no longer fit correctly. The grooves on the shaft and knob are a perfect match, but the inside diameter of the knob is slightly too large. As a result the knob is loose and won't stay on anymore. I now understand that the black stuff I cleaned off the shaft was some kind of adhesive/filler used to make the knob fit snug and stay on.

Is this normal for pre-factory PRS guitars? What exactly is this black adhesive that I need to replace and where can I find it?
I can't speak to your adhesive, but a quick cure would be to put a tiny bit of tape, a sliver, over the top of the shaft.
Then press the knob back on. Paper tape is fine, and won't leave goo.