96 custom 22 with humbuckers?


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Feb 12, 2013
Hi all. This is my first post in this forum. My first PRS was a platinum Standard 24 which I later replaced with a custom 22 gold top. I found it on eBay for a great price. Yet it was an odd bird being that it has humbuckers in it.

The appear to be stock from PRS. They have the sticker on the back that appears to be from the factory. It's a 96 as far as the serial number suggests.

Can anyone tell me if custom 22's were offered this way at that time? I'm curious to know more of its history.

Any info would be great thanks.
First, welcome to the forum!

Are asking if goldtop was an option for color in '96? Humbuckers are the norm.
Yeah, the humbuckers were my question. They're the same style as the custom 24's, not covered like the dragons. Haven't seen many 22's like that other than the new ones.
96 CU22's came stock with Dragon I pups. They are uncovered and KILLER!!! I've always said that was the best year for CU22's!
Really? I was hoping it was something like that. I'm going to try and post a photo of it. I'm a little rusty in the forum department. Thanks for the info. I'm Definetly holding on to this one!
A photo...