50 Year Old Sh!tty Guitar Players Club... who's in?

I'm little shy of the age cut off...only by six years in the junior direction, but you can search me on Instagram (mgd1148) and witness my crap playing for yourselves.

You post playing on Instagram?
I didn’t know you could post anything more than a short vid. Will check it out.
As of this week...I’m officially one year... Sh!tty-Er.
Proud to be in the club. Had not played regularly in years, but recently bought my first PRS and I’m having a blast again.
I'll see you guys in 5-years!
Join Mike D and me in the FSRCGC!;)

The militant splinter group, that started the coup of two thousand eighteen!

I’m gonna use that as a lyric for part of our anthem.

We identified ladies on the forum. Fourty-something brothers, who feel in limbo and oppressed by the 50 year olds, join me....