50 Year Old Sh!tty Guitar Players Club... who's in?

Do we need to reinvent the wheal? Maybe all of us that have confessed to being qualified for the "50 Year Old Shitty Guitar Players Club" could instead just join:

Old Farts With Guitars!

It used to be a fun page and forum. Maybe a lot of its former members have passed on!:eek: It's down for maintenance now but maybe we can get him to get it up and running again. :D
Long time no see/lurker.

I used to think I'm pretty solid but with today's wizard-like players on Youtube ...sheesh...self-esteem is reduced to dust.
Well I definitely qualify- I'm 54, have been playing for around 6 years, and am still sh*tty. I cant remember words, cant remember chords, my progress is very slow....BUT, I'm loving every minute of being part of the guitar world. I've also found I'm good at buying and selling, so all my guitar purchases are self funded. My last purchase was the SE24 Custom, which PRS have finally made left handed.
New to the PRS forums but this thread is right at home... have a PRS SE - just turned 50 - and staring down at college expenses for my oldest in a couple years - I'm thinking about going all in on a Core model that I've wanted for years before tuition means I'll be buying nothing... !

I've played since I was 12-13 but kids, jobs, etc... lead to a 10 year period of very erratic playing... so a year of kicking off the dust and I'm still as shitty as I was back in the day...
51 in July...Count me in! I've been playing since I was 8 and while I can say I've improved a bit since then, neither Mr. Page nor Mr. Richards has anything to worry about!
At 58 years of age, I have been playing for 40 years now. I remark to my wife, “You would think I would be better at this by now!” At this point, I am legally blind and it comes in very handy as an excuse for my guitar playing these days! Sign me up...
I still have 6 months to go, but I believe my extra crappy skills more than make up for the age deficit.

Unless you were talking about playing SH$_TY GUITARS. Mine are great guitars. It's me that is the problem.