50 Year Old Sh!tty Guitar Players Club... who's in?


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Dec 3, 2017
Merry Christmas.
A few weeks back, I had started a post that coined the term; '50 Year Old Sh!tty Guitarist Club'...

Full credit to JoeDirt, who actually penned the slogan: https://forums.prsguitars.com/threads/waiting-i-hate-it.28036/

As I thought more about it, I reasoned that probably a good portion of us are floating around this age demographic.
Simply due to the price of the instrument, and the point in one's life where you could actually afford to buy one.

Technically I'm not 50 until 2018, but just wondering who else is in (or around) this 'elite club' ?
ok... maybe it's not so elite.

The 50 Year Old Sh!tty Guitarist Club
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Count me in. Turned fifty back in July. I fully fall into the sh!tty players club, too.
I'm well past 50 at this point, but hopefully still qualify for membership :D You're right, ie we can afford better gear now than when we were young-uns, and by the way I'm always looking for a garage band to jam with.
Shawn is wise as being a 100 hundred years old, on the physical side he's flexible and strong as a teenager. You better cast him.

(I'm out. A decade to wait!)
I’ll be in next November. I’ll just hold myself a spot right here.