2008 serial number on Experience PRS 2007 Custom 24?


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Jan 18, 2013

Hello.. I saw a custom 24 Experience PRS 2007 for sale.. nice guitar, but it has a 2008 serial.. did they make these in 2008.. also, the year page says 2008's should have 08 for the year. This one just has 8. The rest of the serial matches a 2008, but it makes me Leary.

Thanks in advance..
Yes, they were made in 2008. The idea for them wasn't finalized until after the first Experince in Sept. '07. I haven't seen any dated '07. Following what was then standard for PRS serial numbers, guitars built in early 2008 only had the "8" on the headstock. They started adding the "0" sometime in the Spring, IIRC, maybe around April of that year. Since then the two digit year number is standard.