1. S

    A little Help

    I just adjusted the action on my PRS S2 custom 24. I went by the tech video (with James zimmers). I followed it to the letter. I lowered the screws on the bridge less than an 1/8 of a turn to lower the action. I spent a lot of time making sure it was dead level. That went ok, but after...
  2. S

    PRS Acoustic Buzzing

    Hi, I was hoping someone could help me diagnose the buzzing that is occurring with my brand new PRS p20e acoustic. The open strings sound fine, but there is a strong buzz that sounds like it’s coming from the bridge area when playing any fretted note on all 6 strings. This includes the last...
  3. C

    What size pickup covers do I need.

    Hey all another quick question on the PRS SE 35th aniversery what is the size of the bridge humbucker? 50mm or 52mm i need to order a humbucker cover and they are supposed to be almost exact! Also im replacing my humbucker rings i ordered one and they were both thin but my bridge humbucker ring...
  4. DickBanks

    PTC - Recommended Setup and a Simple Question

    I've had my PRS S2 Custom 24 for about 6 weeks, and I absolutely LOVE it, now. But when I got it, it was in need of a setup. Mainly, the frets weren't level, 4 of them, so I couldn't adjust the action where I liked it to be (4/64"). Did a fret level, crown and polish, myself, and now it's...
  5. Stitch72

    Quality PRS Tech in DFW?

    Can anyone recommend a quality tech that knows PRS in the DFW metroplex (preferably closer to the Fort Worth side)? I've got some slight issues with my SE Custom 24, and I'd really like a tech that knows and has some history with PRS.