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special 22

  1. thewesdavis

    Special 22 vs Swamp Ash Special

    ...besides the obvious semi-hollow and 5-way blade, what are the biggest tonal differences between the core Swamp Ash Special and Special 22? Mostly just curious as I am not currently in the market for another axe (and when I am, it will most likely be a CE24 or 408).
  2. Julien

    McCarty 594 vs Special SH22

    Hi all, Thought I’d ask the professionals here on this crucial question of the day: How do you compare the Core McCarty 594 (double cut) Vs the core Special Semi Hollow? (In terms of sounds, neck, pickups, differences, etc) I’ve got a 10top core special semi hollow that I absolutely adore...
  3. Joesnewmatch

    "Covid Haze," my latest project (Special 22 semi-hollowbody in action)

    I have never posted a personal recording before, but... why not?! For context, I play in a low-key band with three other guys, primarily for weekday fun and sometimes we play out for others. One of my guys has been writing original songs lately. He is our secondary singer and primarily...
  4. Joesnewmatch

    Back in the fold... recent NGD: Special 22 Semi-Hollowbody

    Some of you may have seen my recent posts asking various questions about the SSH, its comparison to the 509, and the differences between Wood Library, Artist, and 10 Tops, and all that. After countless hours of research and hourly checks on Reverb, TGP, eBay, and countless stores the past two...
  5. Joesnewmatch

    Returning to the fold... can someone explain Wood Library and Artist values?

    I'm about to join the club again. It was love at first sight when I saw a Special 22 semi-hollowbody limpet edition over the Summer. I'm still thinking about it and about to pull the trigger. The question is which one or type to get? I used to have a lot of PRS, but it seemed like the only...
  6. Skeeter

    Can SH Specials Rock?

    I know that sounds like a silly, dumb guitar guy question - but every demo I’ve seen is mostly clean, with maybe a little bite or overdrive. I can understand being fascinating with its clean sounds, as they sound amazing and there are so many options. And maybe most want to emulate Mayer on...
  7. Skeeter

    509 vs SH Special

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone owns both of these or played both enough to be familiar with them. I’ve long wanted a 3 pup, HSH type PRS, and these both look like great options. I know the 509 has a different scale length. Otherwise, besides the SH (which is a big difference), the bodies and...
  8. S

    Special 22

    So this guy guy is selling a beautiful PRS Special 22. I was wondering what experiences people have with it. How do the pick ups compare? Do they sound modern or vintage PAF like? Also, there is no case candy included. It looks real to me, but I'm new and far from an expert. Can anyone tell from...