"Covid Haze," my latest project (Special 22 semi-hollowbody in action)


Semi-Special Guitarist
Apr 28, 2012
South Florida
I have never posted a personal recording before, but... why not?!

For context, I play in a low-key band with three other guys, primarily for weekday fun and sometimes we play out for others. One of my guys has been writing original songs lately. He is our secondary singer and primarily plays acoustic guitar (Taylors). He wrote a very cool song called "Covid Haze," sang his lyrics, played acoustic, and asked me to remotely add electric guitars to his project using Garageband.

So, last Sunday I added a layer of accent chording using tremolo (think David Lynch) and used my PRS Special Semi-Hollowbody 22 (in my Avatar) for that part (middle setting, neck split, full bridge) into a Line6 HelixLT (custom patch, I forget what) direct into my iMac. For the small breaks and outro parts, I used my Collings I-35lc (using other custom patches).

My buddy's wife put together a photo montage and the whole thing was uploaded to YouTube. Pretty cool. I gotta say, this is the most fun I've had in ages -- very therapeutic as well. So, for what it's worth, here it is--and remember to be kind! lol