McCarty 594 vs Special SH22


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Jan 24, 2021
Hi all,

Thought I’d ask the professionals here on this crucial question of the day:

How do you compare the Core McCarty 594 (double cut) Vs the core Special Semi Hollow?
(In terms of sounds, neck, pickups, differences, etc)

I’ve got a 10top core special semi hollow that I absolutely adore for quite some time now, and I have always been attracted to the Core McCarty 594 double cut.

I only own a custom 24, the SSH and the Fiore.
I only kept a VOS appetite Les Paul in my tools as I called them, but these les Pauls are so heavy for my back (only 40 and I have had back issue for almost 8 years thanks to racing mountain bikes a bit too far), so PRS have been my number ones guitars as far as weight goes and just love them for what they provide.
Love this Les Paul and Les Pauls in general, but just too heavy and hard to find good ones as easily.

So would the 594 be a bit redundant with the Special, or could they co-exist pretty well?

Curious to hear from 594/Specials owners on their experience

Thanks a lot!
No I wouldn’t say it would be redundant. My semi hollow 594 and SSH sound very different and for my tastes I prefer the SSH. The 594 does the low gain thing well but I don’t think I get along with the LT pickups. The 58/15 MT in the SSH are much more my speed.

When I compared them back to back the 594 was warmer and looser than the SSH, which makes sense looking at the scale length and lower output pickups. I’m thinking of moving my 594 but if I decide to keep it I think I’ll throw a 59/09 in the bridge and see if that does it for me.

Oh also on the physical feel front, I prefer pattern as pattern vintage feels just a little bit too thick. It’s not too thick to be comfortable but I’d prefer pattern still. The back is noticeably thicker on the 594 as well but that doesn’t bother me at all. I also find that the higher frets feel tighter on the 594 due to the shorter scale and bigger frets.
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Sounds like it's time to dump the Les Paul
The McCarty 594 line in general , imho , is the modern day, updated LP style without all of its faults, weight and quirks….just my opinion…….
. And I played LP’s for many years….
you need a 594 and pay for it by selling the Slash Lp (or some of it):p
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