se custom 22

  1. L

    My tuning stability issue with PRS Custom 22 SE

    Hello, I have a 2018 PRS Custom 22 SE. And I know it has sometime tuning stability problem. I passed from the stock 9-42 strings to D'Addario 10.5-48 (werid gauge, I know). My luthier set the bridge lower to get a lower action. That was ok, I didn't notice before that, but I have with this...
  2. J

    PRS vendors can order limited runs of SE Custom 22s

    Hello, I was browsing a used guitar website and found that PRS vendors can order limited runs of SE Custom 22s and select the features that they want. The result can be a more affordable PRS guitar that has a combination of features only found on more expensive ones. I'm in contact with a...
  3. AndrewB

    SE Tone and switching question

    I've got an SE Custom 22 and have recently noticed a couple things. First the 3 way toggle switch sometimes requires some jiggling when switching to the bridge pickup to get sound. It seems ok in the middle and neck position. I'm thinking this is because the switch tends to hang on the inside of...
  4. A

    Using Heavy Strings on an SE ?

    I am about to get my first SE (Custom 22 semi-hollow). I use heavy-ish flat-wound strings : 13-17-21-28-39-53. I have three questions: 1. Are the holes in the fixed-intonation bridge large enough for strings of that diameter? 2. Are there likely to be intonation problems? (I see the bridge...
  5. starscream67

    NGD - SE Custom 22

    So I caved and got a an SE Custom 22. It does have a coil tap on the tone knob which isn't mentioned in the specs. Kinda wish it had the wide fat neck but the thin profile is good too.
  6. Peter Gurton

    PRS SE Custom 22

    Just bought my first PRS (note, I said 'first') a PRS SE Custom 22 in blue from Peach guitars in England - the finest guitar shop I have ever been to. I don't have the budget -yet- for it's big brother and I have to say that the SE is astonishingly good. I'm looking forward to playing it at gig...