1. blackthorn

    PRS CE 22 20th Anniversary - pickups change

    Just found a 20th Anniv CE 22 in nice condition. http://imgur.com/a/KxQWi I was looking all over the internet about this color, but only found 2 sites with a similar one and they called Graphite Metallic. If anybody knows more about this color please let me know. Also not a big fan of Dragon 2...
  2. drdoom8793

    CE Pickup Question: Coil Split

    So I'm looking at picking up an older CE model, most likely a 22. A lot of what I'm seeing doesn't have the stock pickups, so I'll be looking to replace those. The main question I have is..... What's some good pickups for coil splitting? I'll be playing mostly rock and blues stuff, so that's...
  3. D

    Pickup Suggestion For SE Akesson

    Hello , I own a Prs Se Fredrik Akesson . I really want to dial in a metal tone but I find my guitar's bridge too muddy for distorted sounds. I am looking for a bridge&neck set or just a bridge pickup. I love my neck pickup , so I thought that just a bridge pickup is enough for me. I like the EMG...
  4. M

    PRS Vela - neck pickup dropping

    I recently bought a new Vela from Sweetwater. Amazing guitar but during my first couple gigs playing with it, the bass side of the neck pickup gradually starts dropping down and i have to move it back up after each set. It is damn near flush with the pickgaurd after playing a 45 minutes set...
  5. Harpua

    Wiring Help! SD 4-Conductor in a SE Custom 24

    Hi all, New to the forum and new to doing work myself, but I'll be damned if I don't try to learn how to take care of my own instrument. I'm decent with a soldering iron, so why not replace my own pickups? The issue is, I can't seem to find any wiring diagrams for putting in my 4-conductor SD...
  6. A

    Humbucker brass fade problem

    Hey guys im new to the forum. I have a 25th anniversary custom 24 with 57/08 Humbuckers and the brass has completely faded on the pickups. Leaving them blotchy and unattractive. Is this normal? And is there a way to fix. Cheers in advance
  7. S

    PRS SE custom 24 floyd Neck and Middle Position sound the same.

    Hi, I have an issue with my guitar. The Neck Pickup and middle PU sound exactly the same. Very honky, almost out of phase but the wiring has never been touched. Bridge pickup sounds fine and the splitting works in all positions. Is there a problem with the switch or the wiring? Thanks in...