1. K

    Need pickup recommendation for PRS custom 22

    I'm gonna change the pickups on my Korean PRS Se custom 22 which is mahogany body and rosewood fingerboard and has factory "Tone Furnace" pickups on it rn. I usually play rock/blues and sometimes funk/pop style things.Highest gain I go is Gary Moore(blues era not 80s) and the cleanest is jazz...
  2. AragonWingfoot

    Hollowbody II With Piezo or Without

    Hello everybody, I was wondering if the piezo being installed in a core Hollowbody II affects the tonal quality of the magnetic pickups if the piezo is disengaged. What I’m asking is if there were two identical core Hollowbody II’s with the only difference being one had the piezo installed and...
  3. SKiNFreak

    PRS P90 Pickup ID

    Hi there, I picked up a P90 form eBay but could not get a clear answer on the guitar it came out of. I doubt it's a core aka Seymour Duncan but could anyone ID for sure?
  4. Rockula

    Pickup Polarity on the Customs?

    Howdy everyone, A couple years ago, I did a major rewiring round on my Santana SE. The idea was to get to some of the options on the Customs. I swapped out the selector switch for a 5-position rotary, and wired it to get the Custom combos. I also swapped out the pickup magnets, and even their...
  5. Tim Holt

    Repairing 2002 CU22 Pickup Covers

    Hi all, I recently purchased a used 2002 Custom 22 - it's gorgeous but the pickup covers and stoptail are pretty tarnished. What would you use to restore the shine on the covers and stoptail? Thanks in advance!
  6. R

    Strat quack

    Does anyone know if you can get more Strat bridge/middle quack by installing a 5 way blade switch on an SE Custom 24 with 2 humbuckers? It already has coil split on a push pull pot. Thanks
  7. GavQuinn

    Pickup Advice..?

    Hi Guys, Ive had my Core Starla since 2009, love the guitar, but it’s spent some time in its case lately... a few months to be honest. Played it this evening with fresh ears and took stock, Over the last few months I’ve tried a few different pickups in it. I’ve tried underwound PAFs, full size...
  8. GavQuinn

    EMG 57/66 - any experience?

    Hi Guys, I’m thinking of changing my 81/60 to the 57/66. The videos sound good, seems more like a PAF type set (obviously a bit hotter). can anyone tell me what these are like as opposed to the 81/60? More bottom end than the 81? Better on low gain? Still got enough output?
  9. B

    Old SC 245 owners, what are the pickups like?

    I went searching for this topic, but couldn't seem to find anything on the pickups specifically. Any owners of a 2000s era SC245 in here? What were those pickups like? I ask because I'm considering buying a used one and would like to know ahead of time what they're like. Any other pickups on the...
  10. ellamir

    PRS G&B Starla Pickup Color Code

    Hey all, I have a Vela. Recently I had a different bridge pup in there. Wasn't too happy and I want to go back to the Starla pup. I've looked at a few other threads, but I can't really find a solid answer. Does anyone know what the color codes are for the G&B Starla pup? Thanks for the help...
  11. GavQuinn

    PRS Listening?? - Long Pickup Legs don't fit! ):-(

    So I went out and bought a HFS humbucker brand new from Thomann for my USA Custom. You can see the product page below, all looks normal, nothing to see that's out of the ordinary. https://www.thomann.de/ie/prs_pickup_hfs_treble.htm I got it yesterday and went to install it last night and it...
  12. S

    Keeping Volume With Coil-Tap

    I have a 2005 McCarty that I installed new 57/08 pickups on. I've seen newer McCarty's that don't seem to lose volume when the coil-tap is activated. Does anyone know how you could do this? I'd like this if possible on my guitar. Thanks!
  13. GavQuinn


    Got my 245 back from being refretted, so many pickups in and out of that guitar over the years, so much playing, expensive PAFs, Duncans, Custom winds, you name it. I’m coming home from work the other day, this comes on. And it all came back to me. This tone man, this is the tone that hooked...
  14. S

    Issue With McCarty Drop-In Multi Conductor

    So I ordered the McCarty Drop In wiring kit for multi conductor to use with new 57/08 pickups (this was the instruction from PRS). The pickups have four wires each (black, white, red, braided ground). While the product code on the kit matches, comparing the 3-way toggle diagram and picture on...
  15. S

    57/08 Pickup Install - Need Help

    Hey Everyone, I installed a set of 57/08 pickups into a 2005 McCarty. The original pickups were a steel braided black cable and a white cable. The new 57/08 pickups are 4 cables (black, white, red, steel braid/ground). Is there any reason you would need to change the electronics in the guitar...
  16. S

    Help With 57/08 Pickups Now Installed

    Hey Everyone, I installed a set of 57/08 pickups into my PRS McCarty (2005). I love the sound of these, but am finding something I need help with. With a fresh set of Elixir Optiweb strings, if I hit the bass string too hard it sounds like either string buzz or distortion is coming through the...
  17. S

    57/08 Pickup Wiring Help

    Hey Everyone, I recently purchased a new set of 57/08 pickups to install into my 2005 McCarty. The original McCarty pickups were just two wires and the 57/08 pickups are four wires. I believe I have this correct based on some other posts here: Neck/Bass Pickup: * Black = Ground * White = Hot...
  18. O

    PRS CE 24 rotary knob

    I have an older PRS CE 24 and wanted to know which position gives what tone. I found this: Position 10: Humbucking treble (bridge) pickup alone Position 9: Outside coils of both pickups in parallel for what PRS calls a “deep and clear” sound Position 8: Series single coils – PRS describes...
  19. Brainofjon

    80's PRS Standard 24 - wiring issues?

    Hi all! Old time lurker here, finally joining the PRS family :) I've recently acquired my 1st core PRS, an 80's standard 24 that has been in my wishlist for years. These come with the blue wafer rotary pickup selector, sweet switch and stamped T&B pickups. It's beautiful and plays great. It...
  20. B

    After-market pickups similar to the older McCartys?

    Right, so the McCarty is currently and easily my favorite pickup right now, and I'd like to get more (or preferably ANOTHER old McCarty, but the prices have spiked a good deal since I bought my first one), only problem is most people don't really swap out the pickups on a guitar they paid over...