Pickup Suggestion For SE Akesson

Doruk Atay

New Member
Dec 22, 2015
Hello , I own a Prs Se Fredrik Akesson . I really want to dial in a metal tone but I find my guitar's bridge too muddy for distorted sounds. I am looking for a bridge&neck set or just a bridge pickup. I love my neck pickup , so I thought that just a bridge pickup is enough for me. I like the EMG Alexi Laiho Bridge Pickup , it has gain boost and 3 band eq. But i dont know if my PRS neck pickup and EMG Alexi works well together. What do you think? Can you help me ? Also you can suggest a pickup set .
Guitar has Mahogany body , ebony fingerboard.
The EMG Alexi Laiho pickup is apparently passive, so this might not be the impedance matching nightmare that trying to mixing active (EMG) and passive (PRS) pickups normally is. Still, you'd need to decide whether you wanted the ALX's preamp to affect just the bridge pickup or both, because that makes a major difference in how things will be wired up. You may want to contact EMG for advice if you go that route.

It looks like the SE Akesson came with SE 245 pickups from the factory. If you're finding the bridge pickup to be too muddy but you're OK with its output level, you may want to look at a brighter PAF bridge pickup like a Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates. If you want something with both more treble and more output, you may want to look at a more overwound pickup like a Seymour Duncan JB or Custom, a PRS HFS, or a Bare Knuckle Holy Diver.
I had a Duncan JB and Jazz set on my Akesson and it sounded massive. The JB was killer. Definitely worth a try.