custom 24-08

  1. HANGAR18

    Another 35th Anniversary Custom 24-08 NGD Eriza Verde GREEN

    The greenest guitar I have ever seen. I've been wanting an Eriza Verde green guitar for quite a while and I LOVE how this one looks. I'm especially glad it came with ALL GREEN, front, sides and back. So, I bought another Custom 24-08 with the control layout that I'm not crazy about because I...
  2. HANGAR18

    NGD: PRS Custom 24-08 35th Anniversary, Artist Package

    Complete surprise. When I woke up this morning I had no idea I would wind up buying another guitar today. But as it just so happened, an unexpected opportunity presented itself, and so, as the saying goes... "Sieze the day!" As the PRS 35th Anniversary was in 2020, and this guitar says 2011 on...
  3. shimmilou

    NGDR - 2021 Cu 24-08 - Yellow Tiger

    R = Rollercoaster, for the ups and downs of this guitar purchase. The Cu 24 was on my short list, and I have seen a lot of them that were nice, but just not many that checked all the boxes for me. Usually when I found one that was appealing, I considered it for a while, then it was gone. One...
  4. K

    Wiring Color Codes for 85/15 Pickups

    I am looking to swap out the default 85/15 pickups in my new PRS Custom 24-08. There are 4 colored wires: red, white, black, and green (as well as the 1 bare wire). What are the color codes (i.e. how do these colors map to North Start, North Finish, South Finish, and South Start)? Note: This...
  5. Skeeter

    35th Anniversary Custom 24

    Hey, I haven’t seen much talk from those that have gotten one of these yet. Obviously, I know they just hit the market in the past month or so, making the pool small. But, to the extent they’re out there - I’d be curious to hear from those that have gotten one (or even just played one) and how...
  6. pauloqs

    NGD Custom 24-08

    Thank you for helping make a decision. I was torn between a CE24 and a Custom 24-08. Then as I was browsing Reverb saw this one, a new 2018 model of the Custom 24-08 going for $2,600.00. It’s a regular figure top in Aquamarine. The photos don’t do a good job capturing the actual color. In...
  7. pauloqs

    CE24 vs Custom 24-08 Help

    hi, I’ve owned 2 CE24 which I ended up returning. I believe I was unlucky with my previous two CE24s. The guitars felt absolutely amazing and sounded amazing, but had a few issues that I do not believe is the norm with these guitars. I’m willing to give it another go with the CE24. However, I’m...