NGDR - 2021 Cu 24-08 - Yellow Tiger


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Mar 15, 2018
R = Rollercoaster, for the ups and downs of this guitar purchase.

The Cu 24 was on my short list, and I have seen a lot of them that were nice, but just not many that checked all the boxes for me. Usually when I found one that was appealing, I considered it for a while, then it was gone.

One day this one appeared on the Sweetwater site, it looked amazing with the Yellow Tiger finish, checked all the boxes, and more, and it was kind of wild and quite unique, so I quickly decided to buy it before it got away. (up)

Although I would likely be happy with the 5 combinations of the Cu 24, same as my Cu 22, having the mini toggles for independent switching is a really nice plus, especially gaining the neck single option. Another plus for me on this one is the Pattern Regular neck shape, which I wanted instead of the Pattern Thin on the majority of Cu 24 that I considered.

The anticipation was building, the guitar had shipped, pictures were emailed, time to look at and drool over the guitar pictures for awhile until it arrives. Opened the email to see the pics, and to my surprise and initial disappointment, saw this. (down)

First thought was to cancel the order, and I called Sweetwater, but the guitar was already on the way, nothing to do but report the issue and wait. When the guitar arrived, I had to open it and check it out. Upon seeing it in person, initial thought was that it looked surprisingly awesome, rather unique and the wood seemed alive, changing with changes in viewing angle, and as usual for most PRS, it looked better in person than in the pics.

The fit and finish are amazing with no discernible flaws, and the feel is wonderful. After staring at it for some time, I found I was very happy with the look and decided it could be a keeper after all. Time to plug it in and see how it sounds. (up again)

Plugged in and everything seemed to function properly, all switch positions worked, but the sound was just weak, thin and low output. There was not much difference in sound whether in humbucker or single coil position. Checked the wiring and components but found nothing obviously wrong. I prodded and poked, and found that when I pulled up on the volume knob, the sound got much louder. I cleaned the pot, but still had low volume until the knob was pulled up.

Well that sucks, seems to be a bad volume pot. I called Sweetwater to report it and see if we could work something out, because everything else about the guitar is wonderful, and what little I heard of it told me that the sounds could be wonderful as well. (Down again)

For me it is much easier to install a new volume pot than to rebox and ship the guitar back, not to mention the wait time. So Sweetwater gave me a new PRS volume pot and a discount, substantial enough to more than compensate me for the trouble and initial disappointment.

I received the new pot and installed it in less time and trouble than it would’ve taken to ship the whole guitar there and back. I plugged in and strummed a bit, and now have fantastic, full, lush sounds. These TCI treated 85/15 pups are very articulate, rich and clear, with a nice percussive quality, great touch sensitivity. The tones can be glassy and bright but not harsh, with piano like single notes, and great note definition with chords.

Right away I found three positions, bridge humbucker, neck single, and both, that covered so much sonic territory, very resonant and sustaining. By simply using the volume and the three way switch, with amp set for moderate breakup on clean channel at full guitar volume, there was such a wide variety of very pleasant sounds. Using distortion sounds equally pleasing, very smooth and full with terrific sustain.

Every switch combination sounds fantastic, clean or distorted, and I am so glad that I got a Cu 24-08 instead of a Cu 24, for the additional switching options. I really can’t stop looking at it, and can’t avoid playing it every day since I got it. An absolutely fantastic guitar, super versatile, and definitely a keeper. In the end, I am stoked to own this guitar, extremely glad that I kept it. (way up) Happy ending!

I previously thought that the US 85/15 pups were split coils, just like the S versions, but apparently these are multi tap as evidenced by the mini toggle wiring, verified with a meter.

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Glad it worked out. The original guitar looked awesome, but so does the one you got. Too bad you had the roller coaster experience, but it sounds like a ride you would get on again now that you have made it to the end.
Thanks. Kudos to Sweetwater for their desire and effort to please. Turns out that the original pics were from a guitar that they had sold two years ago, and some sort of computer glitch put those pics with the new ad. And yes, I would ride again. :cool:
I previously thought that the US 85/15 pups were split coils, just like the S versions, but apparently these are multi tap as evidenced by the mini toggle wiring, verified with a meter.


Yeah, they are multitap. Interesting to see just the 2PDT here not 3PDT with small capacitor like in my 35th Anniversary...

Either way - great guitar my man, really flashy
Just some raw playing with no backing track or drums, to show the differences in sounds just from using the 3 switch positions and volume. Start, neck single coil, low volume. Switched to middle position bridge humbucker and neck single. Switched to bridge humbucker higher volume. Ended on neck single coil at full volume. Katana 50 with a bit of reverb and delay, fairly clean.

And some dirty lead at full volume. Starting with bridge humbucker, then switched to middle position bridge humbucker and neck single coil. Katana 50 with reverb, delay and distortion.

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